Old website design figuratively falling into an obsolete technology junk heap.

3 Signs You Have Old Website Design

Aging in the digital world is a real problem for websites. With technology and trends advancing quickly, a newly created website today can look like old website design in just a few years. If any of the three following signs describe your website, then it’s time to get new website design.

3 Signs You Have Old Website Design

Look and response test

This is a test our Las Vegas website design company came up with. Find the sassiest and mouthiest person in your life and show them your website. If they say it looks like archaeologists could excavate pottery from it, then you know it exhibits old design trends. Get the kids on it too. They’re known for honesty. If your website design does not impress and they say it looks boring and ugly, then so do other, more polite, people.


People search for things more often than not on their mobile devices. That means you can’t just design your website to look good on a laptop; you need to keep in mind smartphones and tablets. Finding out if your site is mobile friendly is easy. Just find your website, and if it requires more work finding the navigation bar then your services, you need to update.

Social media links

Name one business that doesn’t use social media. If you can, then ignore them and jump on the bandwagon. Social media has become an important tool for business success online and in real life. If you don’t have social media icons or links on your website, then you’re missing out on potential connections. If you do have social media icons on your website, make sure they are relevant. You need modern website design if your page is sporting MySpace.

Modern Website Design

Become a part of the evolution of website design. Our Las Vegas website design company can give you a new website design and keep it relevant every three years. Schedule an appointment and kick your old website design to the curb.

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