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Web Design Basics: Hyper about Hyperlinking

Have you ever thought about what holds a website together? Think about it. What brings a collection of images, content and even something complex as an e-commerce site together? The answer/glue is simple: hyperlinks. What are hyperlinks? You’ve come to the right place as we discuss the importance of hyperlinks in this week’s web design basics.

Web Design Basics: Setting a Hyperlink Example

The simplest definition of a hyperlink is a link embedded in a word that takes you to another page. Hyperlinks are all over website designs with some more obvious than others.

A hyperlink example looks similar to this:

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When you click this hyperlink, it will lead you down the rabbit hole of information. While companies should utilize hyperlinks to drive traffic to their services page, some companies miss the mark. Often times, our company see hyperlinks that are broken or lead to nowhere. This can frustrate clients and drive down your traffic. Set the hyperlink example and use them correctly.

How do I add a hyperlink?

If you’re asking how do I add a hyperlink, it’s a simple process. Most CMS or document processors include an “add a hyperlink” in the toolbar. Just highlight the keyword, click insert link/etc., copy and paste the URL into the interface, and hit enter. Make sure to get savvy and strategic with your hyperlinking strategy. The weight of hyperlinks you have can improve the visibility and usability of your website to your clients and to search engines. Don’t get crazy, however. Over utilization of hyperlinks can backfire.

Help from Our Web Designers

If you don’t have time to concern yourself with hyperlinks, hypolinks, sausage links, whatever, then let our Las Vegas web designers assist. Besides explaining other web design basics, our offers a selection of services to fit your business’s need. Schedule an appointment today with Mvestor Media.

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