3 Steps to Site Content that Boosts Sales

call to action Looks are almost everything.

Beautiful web design works wonders when it comes to first impressions, displaying professionalism and connecting with clients on a number of subconscious levels. Design strongly influences the visitor’s often split-second decision to stay or leave.

Once a visitor decides to stay, what guides them through the process of learning about your business?

What other influences encourage your cold leads to warm up and prospects to become clients?

What contributes to an actual purchase?

Undeniably, Content is a major player in attracting, engaging and encouraging clients to buy from you.

Here’s a breakdown of how content functions at every stage of the visitor’s journey, from exploration to increased interest, and then investment.

1. The eyes make initial decisions.

The visitor decides to stay on the site or say sayonara within a matter of seconds. Design elements please and delight the senses, while color choices subconsciously attracts or deters them. What they see strongly determines their decision to continue.

A balance of minimal yet powerful content is crucial here. Selective words and phrases seamlessly integrated with great design give visitors just enough of a taste to start salivating. Clear, inviting calls to action usher them into the discovery phase to learn more.

mind-options 2. The mind explores options.

Congratulations! Your gorgeous design and well-executed calls to action succeeded in captivating your visitor’s attention. By clearly stating options to learn more, download a guide or click a link, they are now engaging with your site.

As they explore further, they may be wondering:

What’s in this for me? Do I really need this service? Can I afford it? Where can I find more information? Who can I contact?

Insider Tip: Make it mindless. The visitor should never have to think, they are seamlessly guided through every step without having to ask a single question.

This is where Content Clarity becomes important. While you want to deliver dynamic, entertaining material, make sure your content clearly lays out each step in the process.

Areas to Exercise Content Clarity:

  • Boiler Plate. 3-5 sentence 3rd person bio encompassing mission, ideal clientele and specialty. This functions well on the landing page.
  • About Page. Content that explains who you help, why you help them and how you are qualified to do so, amazingly.
  • Contact. A simple, inviting lead-in to reach out is all that’s required.
  • Calls to Action. State it plain! Let the visitor know exactly what you’d like them to do: Enroll Now, Download, Read More, Sign Up.

3. The emotions make the purchase.

Even the most rational of minds soften when a feeling is triggered. Content that directly and tactfully pinpoints what the visitor is missing, frustrated about or struggling with effectively delivers the Why to Buy. Sprinkle your sales copy with qualifying statements that speak directly to the visitor. Connect with their struggle and offer the solution.

Keep in mind that design and content work together! In the development stages, make sure design and content creation are a collaborative effort so calls to action are clear and concepts are clearly illustrated.


  1. Hook their attention and invite them in with curiosity-piquing, selective calls to action.
  2. Clearly map out their journey with expressive, functional language.
  3. Hit the heart strings with examples, qualifying statements and situations that speak to their pain. (This is where the need is identified and you are there to meet it!)

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