7 Big Ways Design Impacts Buying Behavior

We could say it’s not all about looks, but it’s pretty darn close.

Design has a HUGE impact on how your customer views your business and dramatically influences their decision to buy from you.

Here are 7 Big Ways Design Impacts Buying Behavior:

trust 1. Trust & Appeal.

A seamless visual presence means unquestionable credibility. People respect what they can easily and enjoyably absorb. Professional design legitimizes your business and instills the trust required for clients to invest in your service. Web credibility research from Stanford showed that 75% of users admittedly judge a company’s credibility based on their web design.

Things that look good make us feel good and that’s often all we need to make our decision. #instatrust

2. Magnetic Attraction.

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” – Joe Sparano

Design is ceaselessly at work, influencing your client’s every inclination. Color combinations evoke emotion down to the subconscious level, and even the spacing between lines can dramatically raise the likelihood of individuals reading more. Shoddy design throws opportunities to deeply speak to clients’ desires out the window. With waning attention spans and fierce competition to contend with, you want design that’s powerfully attracting clients at every turn.

3. Value.

In an age where we as consumers are constantly exposed to extraordinary design through endless forms of big brand marketing, clients can spot cheap at a glance. The level of design visually defines quality and value.

Design makes value unquestionable.

It generates how clients are going to feel when they invest in your service. They are experiencing the benefit before they ever see a price.

4. Engagement.

Design works in conjunction with content to confidently lead clients through the site, giving them opportunities to dig deeper and interact. Clean navigation, clear calls to action and well-placed graphics can turn a common search into an adventure. When the user experience is dynamic at every stage, clients get excited to purchase so they can extend the enjoyment you’ve generated for them.

5. Competitive Edge.

Compare the sites of two competitors with nearly identical offerings. One has clearly invested in design, the other, hasn’t. Which one would you call?

6. Psychological Draw.

Have you ever gotten lost in a site? Without even knowing how, you found yourself gulping down every testimonial on the sales page, nodding your head to questions that speak directly to you, enjoying videos and reading blog posts. Brilliant design speaks to the client in every stage, intuits the placement of opportunities to interact and buy and makes them feel completely at home in the experience.

communication 7. Powerful Communication.

Visual appeal speaks loudly. In tandem with intelligent content, it screams. Design displays your brand, instills trust, guides the client, evokes feeling and subconsciously connects. It’s essential to reaching more people and defining value. Invest in design and clients will invest in you.

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