3 Ways Bad Website Design Drives Customers Away

In business, you must anticipate your clients’ wants and needs. This is not any different when it comes to your business’s presence online. If your website design frustrates your user, you risk losing a client’s business and money. Another factor is that bad website design reflects poorly on your company reputation.

If your website is guilty of any of the following three website issues, consult with a professional website designer immediately.

3 Ways Websites Drive away Customers

Long Loading Time

We live in a world where 60 seconds is much too long. Customers expect products and services now, especially when they themselves are pressed for time.

A website taking forever to render your massive images, 14 videos and intricate web designs will not impress your customer. It will annoy them.

Rule of thumb: If your website doesn’t load instantly, then consider a website design overhaul. Whether your website is slow due to content, bad code or bad website hosting, a professional web design can help.

Boring Web Design

Presentation of your products and services is key. Give a reason for your customers to come back to your website. Your company’s website should draw in customers by being simple, visually interesting and exciting.

If your website design looks like something from a 90s movie, your website design is too old.

Bad Navigation

Customers need to understand how to navigate your website the moment they open it. A moment of confusion will frustrate your customer and drive them away.

While most pre-made website designs include a simple navigation bar, the untrained designer can create bad links. This can lead your customers all over the page.

Another issue is how long it takes for your customer to get what they need. If the customer has to go on an adventure to get the information they need, they will get bored.

Simplicity and quickness are key. Include the nine essential website elements to keep users happy. A professional website designer understands these essential elements and what bad website designs to avoid.

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