Battle Royale: WordPress vs Wix

Long gone are the olden days when website designers had to create every website from scratch. Days and nights filled with extensive coding are reserved only for the hardcore now.

Companies can rejoice as more website platforms are easier to manage. These website platforms, such as Wix or WordPress, allow businesses to create their company’s website in an instant and tailor them to suit their needs.

With more than one website platform available on the internet, companies may worry they’re not using the best one, begging the question: Which is the best website platform to promote my business?

There’s a battle brewing in the digital world. Who reigns supreme?


WordPress is an open source content management system. A content management system does just that, manage your website content so that it can be updated and changed as a business warrants. WordPress is the most popular platform and CMS for various reasons:

WordPress Pros

  • WordPress platform is free out of the box
  • Thousands of third-party plug in apps
  • Large supportive community
  • No HTML editing or FTP software required on a base level

While WordPress may be popular, there are issues with the web development program, which companies may find problematic:

WordPress Cons

  • Pay for premium features and web hosting
  • Requires third-party or custom plugins for certain functions
  • Lacks company support if issues arise


Wix is a cloud-based web development program. It leads as direct competition to WordPress as it has programs WordPress lacks:

Wix Pros

  • Fun drag and drop website creation
  • Free website hosting
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Pre-made themes available

Wix, of course, has its issues that companies may not find preferable. The following are the major ones:

Wix Cons

  • Free accounts promote third-party ads on company website
  • Difficult to change themes
  • Wix has ownership over your website
  • Smaller number of plugin apps


With all these pros and cons, which is the best website platform?

At Mvestor Media, due to the fact of limited third-party plugins and the lack of control over your website, Wix loses out to WordPress.

While WordPress may not be immediately intuitive, the large supportive community and the number of third-party plugins and designs benefit companies the most. Regardless which ones you and your company use, you will need an expert website designer to maintain them.

Hire the Website Experts

Avoid the headache. At Mvestor Media, we make the website creation process simple. We provide a variety of web design services to get your business seen. We’ll even give you a new website design every three years.

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