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Small Business Web Design Tips: Saving Money for Your Web Design

In 2018, entrepreneurs face a new startup cost: a small business web design. The last thing your small website needs is an expensive redesign. We put together a list of small business web design tips to save entrepreneurs money and time on their entrepreneurial ventures.

Small Business Website Design Tips for Entrepreneurs on a Budget

Determine the purpose of your website

Determining the purpose of your website before the design phase avoids expensive redesigns. The purpose of most websites is to inform, while strictly sell products and/or services. A website is the face of the business and often serves as the online version of the storefront.

According to Forbes, the three steps to determine the purpose of a business website are:

  • Build your brand
  • Offer information that will drive sales
  • Sell products and services

Your business branding is linked to the purpose of your website. The voice and content expressed on your website should reflect expertise. Finding the purpose moves you one step closer to the design phase.

Conduct research on your competition

A competitive analysis is a useful part of your marketing plan. When designing your website, take a close look at your competitors’ websites. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and take notes of what works and what you want on your website.

Avoid low cost web designing

This is one of the most essential small business web design tips, because it’s often tempting to save money by choosing cheapest web design option. This is detrimental to your business brand and image, because web design is a complicated art form. Not paying enough for your website is one of the worst web design mistakes, as it often leads to an expensive redesign.

Avoid creating the website yourself. Web designing is a complex and time consuming process that takes years to master. Set a budget and don’t settle for a cheap web design. Find a high-quality web developer you can trust and tell them your budget.

Enter the design phase with knowledge and research

Take the detailed notes and research you’ve gathered on your competitors’ websites to your web developer. Your web developer will work with your budget and bring your vision to life. WordPress powers the best web design on the Internet.

Website cost between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Redesigns are just as expensive, so your website needs to be flexible. WordPress allows for a complete customization at a reasonable rate with:

  • Drag and drop capabilities for easy customization
  • Robust themes and plugins
  • Responsive web design

Find an Affordable Web Design for Small Business at Mvestor

These small business web design tips are designed to lead you down a path to a successful website. Our highly-skilled team knows the importance of web design and the responsibilities associated with owning a business. Connect with Mvestor Media to learn how we can work with you to create your website so that you can focus on your business.

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