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Understanding Brand Dissonance and How to Avoid It

You need harmony when it comes to design a website with your company’s brand. The elements and themes of the website should flow and create “peace” with one another. Often, those elements can clash, resulting in brand dissonance. Find out some ways to create cohesion with your branding and avoid any confusion from your audience.

The Importance of Website Branding

When you create a brand, you want to create a symbol for your product or service. The idea is to encompass the goals and ideals of your company through elements like design and imagery.

For example, a water bottle company may strive to exemplify purity in their branding. So, they’d use a picture of a spring or an icy mountain to portray they’re providing the best drinking water on Earth.

Ideally, your web designer should use web design basics to create a voice for your product. The website itself would have facts about the product, as well as images that help the audience understand the voice.

What Is Brand Dissonance?

“Dissonance” traditionally refers to a lack of harmony among musical notes, or the contradicting thoughts and beliefs clashing in an individual’s thoughts. With web design and branding, however, dissonance involves elements of your website branding clashing against each other.

Sometimes, these elements don’t match up. The lack of clarity in a products’ brand can make the audience unsure about it. This brand dissonance occurs when websites either don’t have good harmony, or maybe they have sort of conceptual contradiction. It goes without saying that you need to know the ins and outs of a brand to properly sell or design it.


Take the aforementioned example about the water bottle. If you want to promote your brand as pure spring water, your logo probably should not include harsh red colors or images of children. That may confuse customers. Instead, create cohesion with your branding by using cool blues and silhouettes of adults drinking water. Your audience may include more adults than children; thus, your branding should reflect that.

Avoiding brand dissonance

The brand sells your product or service. So, you must create a strong strategy to portray it. You want to be sure that people are enjoying what you’re putting out there and are satisfied. To do so, avoiding dissonance is vital.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Stay consistent with your product label branding
  • Make sure the tone of your content fits your target audience
  • Stay connected with your sales; what you represent and what your sales staff represents may vary, so make sure you oversee and script it out.
  • Follow the web design basics for an inviting and pleasing experience for the audience.

Mvestor Will Support Your Voice, Your Brand

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