how to make sure your website it working for you

Does Your Website Design Really Work for You?

If you have a brand, business, product, or service that you’d like people to know about, you need a website. In a digital age that is only getting more entrenched in cyberspace, having an attractive, functional, and user-friendly website design is more important than ever.

Considerations for Web Design Optimization

When it comes to measuring the efficacy of your website’s design, you want to make sure that your website not only makes sense with the service or product you are trying to sell but one that puts your audience first and helps your business grow.

When it comes to knowing if your site is doing what it needs to do for your brand or business, there are a few questions you may want to keep in mind.

How are your customers finding you?

Regardless of your industry, direct interaction with your clients and audience is one of the most immediate and efficient ways to find out how they learned about your business: Was it word of mouth? Was it a social media platform?

As you learn about where your audience is going to connect with you, you may want to keep track of these responses in your customer database. Doing so will help you assess the effectiveness of all platforms that you are marketing on in addition to your website’s design.

If you are in an industry where you get a lot of regular business from certain clients, be sure to ask them if they’ve had the opportunity to visit your site. Knowing whether or not regular customers visit your site for special offer information, informative blogs, or any other kind of content is imperative; quality content is essential to inviting your audience back.

Have you discovered dynamic call tracking yet?

By using dynamic call tracking through your site, you can track how many calls your business receives from your website; what device the potential client is using to call, and where they are calling from. This information will help you assess the efficacy of your website design at attracting new clients and provides valuable geographic insights through it’s tracking functions. These functions enable you to see where your brand is most popular and geo-target your advertising to that area.

This effective trick can save you thousands in wasted marketing funds. Dynamic call tracking systems will also track which online platforms sent your visitor to your website, including calls from a paid searches campaign, organic search calls, and popular websites like Facebook or Yelp.

Get your form on

Implementing the use of website forms allows you to engage your clients by inviting them to join your mailing list, schedule a consultation, learn more about a  special event or service, and much more. With the digital age going mobile, forms become an even more powerful tool if they are easily accessible and navigable on mobile devices.

As a general best practice tip, we recommend having a form on every page of your website, including the home and contact pages. Forms are one of the most effective close to real-time tools for measuring customer interest in what your website has to offer. By using your Google Analytics account, you can also track form conversion rates to learn more about what is driving your clients to your website.

Get busy with Google Analytics

Simply put, if you own a business or brand that is online, you need to have Google Analytics set up. Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that is available to anyone with a Google account. This service provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization and marketing purposes. Knowing how to use Google Analytics and read the reports it provides will allow you to fine tune your digital marketing efforts.

By logging into your Google Analytics account weekly, or bi-weekly, you can learn where your website’s traffic is coming from in addition to how visitors found you. Knowing where your customers come from is essential for business site owners because you need to keep track of how effectively your website is generating traffic.

Don’t stop updating your website

As you know, one of the biggest mistakes business owners make when designing their website is to leave it alone. Just as you regularly nurture, build, and grow your business in the ‘real world’ your website design needs the same care and attention.

Depending on your industry or business, plan on reviewing and editing your website monthly. Keep your website design up to date by removing outdated product listings and adding new content. And, at least once every three years, be prepared to invest in a redesign to ensure that your website’s design is modern, current, and responsive to the needs of your audience.

Generating activity on your site, especially if it involves adding high-quality content, will attract Google’s attention as well and could result in an improvement of your search engine rankings.

Work with a Team of Web Designers You Can Trust

With Google and other platforms aggressively ramping up how they penalize sites lacking in web design optimization, it’s never been more important to make sure that your business’s website design is user-friendly and accessible.

Our team of WordPress web designers has been trained to match your website’s design with your business’s needs. Connect with us today to learn more about how our team can launch your website’s design into the twenty-first century.

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