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WordPress Runs the Internet and the World

Without a doubt, one of the most searched queries on the net is “what platform should I use for my website?” Maybe you’ve even typed in this search query this yourself. If you have, it’s likely that at least one of the sources you’ve checked out mentioned WordPress. WordPress undoubtedly dominates the Internet as both a web host and blogging platform.

WordPress Runs the World

The recently released statistics show that as of February 2017, WordPress powers an incredible 27.5% of the World Wide Web. As the most used Content Management System (CMS) on the web today, WordPress has also maintained control of whopping 65% of the global market share, and data indicates more than 500 sites are being created on WordPress each day.

The Internet, according to WordPress

According to WordPress’s statistics, more than 409 million people view 23.6 billion pages every month, while their users account for 69.5 million new posts and 46.8 million new comments. With more than 76.5 billion blog sites currently active, and more being created, WordPress’s presence on the web has been steadily increasing every year since its launch.

From big brands to small businesses, everyone is on WordPress

From personal blogs and small business websites to major magazines and news organizations; WordPress’s flexible open source coding means that it’s interface is easily adaptable to its users’ needs. That’s why big names like The New Yorker, the BBC, and even Forbes use WordPress to host their websites. And, with more WordPress sites getting created every day, it’s difficult to see this net giant shrinking anytime soon.

WordPress Was Designed with YOU in Mind

When WordPress released in 2003, it was intended to give non-tech savvy users and bloggers a simple-to-use interface to help them publish their words to the web. Because of this, most of the user-interface components of WordPress are intuitive, user-friendly, and easily adaptable to most business and design needs.

Adaptable website design that can fit into any budget

Because of its adaptability and development, WordPress costs less to set up, customize, and maintain when compared to others Open Source CMS platforms like Drupal or Joomla. It’s also easier to find designers who are familiar with WordPress development and customization, like Mvestor Media. If you have been unsure of where to find a website design that is modern, user-friendly and SEO friendly, reach out to us to find out if WordPress is right for your business or blog.

Connect with a supportive community

The WordPress community is also an incredible resource for new users, and there are thousands of written and recorded manuals available for those wanting to learn more about navigating amongst widgets and plugins on WordPress. There are literally tens of thousands of developers of WordPress sites around the world and they have created a rich and vibrant community to help and support you as you navigate the ins and outs of designing and customizing your website.

Google Loves WordPress Which Means You Should Too

The most recent, down to the millisecond statistics show that Google currently processes over 40,000 search queries each second. That means more than 3.5 billion searches queries daily and an incredible 1.2 trillion annually, worldwide.

Why ranking is important

As the most well-known and utilized search engine out there, it’s important to be aware of how your website will rank in Google once you go live. ‘Ranking,’ is used to refer to how Google and every other search engine out there ‘ranks’ sites and search results based on predefined usability metrics. Essentially, the higher you rank in a search engine’s results page, the more traffic you can get to your site.

WordPress is SEO friendly

According to Google, WordPress is 99% Search Engine Optimization friendly, which is great news for your business or blog. Not only does the platform itself have a variety of customizable settings that you can use to maximize your website’s visibility, but there are also a variety of SEO plugins easily available to help you along the way.

If you are in an oversaturated marketplace, keep in mind that it may be difficult to break through to your audience. You may also want to consider working with a Web Presence Marketing team to help you develop and implement SEO strategies, techniques, and tactics to help you increase your site’s traffic and visibility.

Create a Foundation for Your Business by Choosing WordPress

In an age where everything is making its way to the Internet, the accessibility and usability of your website design have never been more important. Make sure that your website is conveying the right brand message to your audience and clients by working with an experienced team of developers like our designers at Mvestor Media. Contact us today to learn about how we can design a site that will boost your brand to the next level.

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