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Battle Royale: WordPress vs the World

This is it. The final showdown. WordPress vs. the world! On this episode of Battle Royale, we finally see which content management system reigns supreme. We’ve looked at Wix, Weebly, Joomla, Strikingly, Voog, and WordPress. You’ve seen the pros and cons of each, but now we decided, once and for all, which is best for web development and web design…

*Drum roll*


As it turns out, the best content management system is WordPress, the undisputed champ of web design. Even if you didn’t read the title of this blog, you probably would have guessed that WordPress is the winner. After adding up the pros and cons of other CMS’s, it becomes obvious why we chose WordPress.

Why Is WordPress the Best CMS?

The best for SEO

WordPress is actually prime for search engine optimization. WordPress has a bunch of different ways you can adjust different details of SEO with plugins and add-ons. WordPress has the most search-friendly URL structure out of any CMS with a customizable URL.

Certain plugins allow you to customize SEO details all at once. From keywords and tags to meta descriptions, your website can rank much, much easier.

The best for speed

WordPress is the number one for quick responsiveness and accessibility from any electronic platform, including phones and tablets. Whether you are developing a website or app, your users will have little to no loading issues, and your site won’t glitch out on you.

Performance also benefits the SEO factor. Google ranks websites that function properly higher than slower and messier sites. Google’s software is designed primarily for WordPress sites if you consider both speed and SEO.

The most secure

No matter what CMS you use, you always run the risk of being hacked. However, no other CMS has as many plugins as WordPress, and many of those are dedicated to securing your website. It’s important to stay vigilant with your web design projects, but in doing so, you can rest assured that your website is secured.

The most wallet-friendly

Since WordPress is an open source software, it’s the absolute best for web development and web design on a very small budget. You can download it (very easily) today—worry free!

The most versatile

With the thousands of plugins you can download to WordPress on the already available themes, your website won’t look like any other site on the internet! You have the tools to create anything on WordPress—you just need the imagination.

What the WordPress Experts Can Do

Mvestor Media knows a lot about CMS’s and Mvestor Media loves WordPress. Whatever your project is, we can make it a reality with our vast experience in web design. We’ll show you first-hand why WordPress is perfect for your business or product.

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